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Strategic Planning Committee

LS360 Homepage - Final LS360 Report


Strategic Planning is a vital process in which Lee's Summit began in the early 1990's. Identifying a vision for our community is necessary in order to establish goals and objectives to better serve the community now and into the future. Lee's Summit 360º marks the third strategic planning process for Lee's Summit. Lee's Summit 21st Century was the first strategic plan, completed in 1993, with a follow-up in 1998.
The first two strategic plans resulted in a number of accomplishments including the development of funding mechanisms for needed road and infrastructure improvements, a Police Station, City Hall, Gamber Center, Legacy Park, Downtown Revitalization, creation of various community-oriented committee groups such as the Arts Council, Health Education Advisory Board and the Human Relations Commission, and many more!

In 2008, the City engaged a diverse group of citizens to become actively involved in defining the strategic vision for the future of Lee's Summit. The City commissioned the National Civic League (NCL), a non-profit organization, to assist the City in facilitating the process.   Lee’s Summit 360º, comprised of more than 200 stakeholders including citizens, business leaders, and community leaders,  shared ideas and developed solutions to meet tomorrow's challenges. The stakeholders identified six Key Performance Areas (KPAs) as areas of focus and divided into six different committees for each group to focus on one of the KPA's. The group, known as "Lee's Summit 360º," met on March 31 for their final reporting session, after an 8-month process.

At their final meeting on March 31, each of the six KPA committees presented their goals, rationales, strategies, action steps, and their measures of success for their plans. The group further refined the information with a consensus of the full committee. Over several weeks, the final presentations were combined into one cohesive report by the writing committee.  The report was presented to the City Council on May 7, 2009 for a first review.   During this meeting the Mayor and City Council requested that the Committee present the full report in detail during several work-sessions in order to have an open discussion with the committee about each goal presented in the report.  These sessions provide the City Council an opportunity to fully understand the background and rationale for each goal.  Once the Mayor and City Council fully review the plan, it will be adopted as the strategic plan for the City and the initial planning phase of the strategic planning process will be complete.  

The next step of this process is the implementation phase.  This phase of the process will be guided by a 12-15 person Mayor appointed committee which will include selected members of the Lee's Summit 360° committee. The Implementation Committee will be tasked with ensuring that the full Lee's Summit 360° strategic plan is implemented.  However, there may be significant factors in the community that will change over the life of this plan, therefore, it should be understood that the final report adopted by the Mayor and City Council is a guideline and list of ideal goals that the City and its partners would like to accomplish over the next 10 to 15 years.  Over the next 10-15 years, the Implementation Committee will utilize this plan to create the ideal community where all Lee’s Summit residents, visitors, and businesses can live, work, and play.


Strategic Planning Process is complete. 


Planning Committee Documents

Implementation Process-City Council Presentations

Draft II of Final LS 360 Report
Part I Presentation to City Council
Part II Presentation to City Council

LS360 Final Report 8-6-09
LS360 Summary of Changes
Resolution Adopting the Strategic Plan