Wellness Commission

Purpose Statement

To advise and recommend to the City Council plans, programs, and projects which improve the health and well-being of City residents in alignment with the 2020 Ignite Strategic Plan’s Community Health and Well-being goals and objectives. The commission supports promotes and develops community resources in mental health, fitness, walkability, bike-ability, multimodal transportation, and community well-being.

*Wellness Commission will serve as the Livable Streets Advisory Board. (Statutory requirement.)

Key Functions Summary

  • Identify and assess the community’s needs in relation to mental and physical health and well-being.
  • Recommend strategies that bring awareness to or address the mental, physical and well-being needs of the community.
  • Uphold the City’s Livable Streets Policy.
  • Advise City Council and staff on positive community design that promotes safe and accessible walking and biking streetscapes and trail systems.


  • Membership will be comprised of thirteen (13) Lee’s Summit residents each serving a three-year term commencing from the date of appointment.
  • Founding members will be appointed to one, two or three-year staggered terms. 
  • Members should include representatives of governmental entities, not-for-profit organizations, service agencies, organizational alliances, or other groups whose mission and purpose are to meet the many health and wellness needs of the residents of Lee’s Summit.

Established by Ordinance 9537 on November 1, 2022.

Carmen Nolke
Matthew Silvers
Michael Vestweber
Gary Denny
Wesley Goodrich
Aimee Hubbard
Molly Wichman
Jeffrey Brandhorst
Jennifer Craig
Roxanne Evans
Dr. Edwin Kraemer
Dr. Steve Salanski

Department Liaison