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Status: In Design   |   Estimated Construction: 3/3/2025 - 12/31/2025   |  
Categories: Bridges, Streets & Signals   |  

Douglas Street - Chipman Road to 2nd Street

Project Description:
This project will improve Douglas Street from 2nd Street to Chipman Road. The project includes, but is not limited to, paving, sidewalks, curb, storm drainage work, street lighting.

Project Rationale:
This project will re-construct the existing infrastructure that has been deteriorated over the long life of the pavement. Records do not indicate when the street was built, but the recorded plats and home building permits date from 1887 through the 1920’s. Over time, filling the underlying curb with asphalt, soil settlement, tree root damage, and age have created failed sidewalks and poor drainage in this area. The street was built long before the City adopted a livable streets policy and the recent downtown revitalization efforts identified gateways to downtown. Douglas Street is one of the downtown gateway projects approved by voters as part of the 2017 CIP Sales Tax renewal. The project supports the City’s Livable Streets Policy.project will enhance safety and operations by improving the 3rd Street corridor through access management, sidewalk, lighting, etc. This project will promote economic activity and reinvestment along the arterial corridor. The corridor is also a principal gateway into downtown Lee's Summit. The project supports the City's Livable Streets Policy.

Current Project Status:
Selection of a design consultant in process.

Project Contact:
Nikia Chapman-Freiberger 816-969-1800

Projected Funding: $7,083,000