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Status: In Design   |   Estimated Construction: 5/1/2023 - 12/31/2023   |  
Categories: Bridges, Streets & Signals   |  

Ward Road & Persels Road Intersection Improvements

Project Description:

This project is the installation of a permanent traffic signal to replace the temporary span wire traffic signal at the intersection of Ward Road and Persels Road. The project will include relocation of Persels Road, north intersection at Ward Road, to align with Persels Road, south intersection at Ward Road; addressing the operational and safety issues related to the existing offset intersections. The project will also include left-turn lanes along Ward Road at Persels Road.  

Project Rationale:  The existing offset intersection with temporary span wire traffic signal control and shared use lanes for left-turn and through traffic has become a high crash location. This intersection often experiences significant delay and congestion; especially for left-turn traffic. The offset requires an extended green signal operation to clear vehicle queues between side street services or gridlock can occur. The Rock Island Corridor Trail passes through this intersection. Improvements have been requested by City Council, residents and school district officials. The project will improve safety and traffic operations for all roadway users. 

Current Project Status:
Working on Scope of Services for selected Engineering Consultant.  City received $1.2M Federal Grant.

Project Contact:
Brad Cooley, 816-969-1800

Projected Funding: $3,800,000