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Status: In Design   |   Estimated Construction: 4/3/2023 - 9/1/2024   |  
Categories: Bridges, Streets & Signals   |  

Colbern Road

Project Description:
This project will widen Colbern Road as a four lane facility with turn lanes, sidewalk, shared-use path, curb, and street lighting from M350 Highway to Douglas Street. Project improvements include bridge work for bicycle/pedestrian accommodations over the UPRR. The shared-use path will be extended to the existing path along Colbern Road east and west of the project limits.

Project Rationale:
This project supports improved safety, operations, economic investment within the nearby area, and livability. The project is identified in the Thoroughfare Master Plan. The path is also included in the Greenway Master Plan and Bicycle Transportation Plan. Nearby roadways have been improved, including Lee's Summit Road and Blue Parkway, both of which intersect the project. Interchanges on the east and west end of the project have also been improved. Much of Colbern Road and the surrounding property was annexed by the City from Unity Village within the last decade and improvements to Colbern Road are necessary to accommodate existing traffic demand and any future property development.

Current Project Status:
Plans are complete. MoDot has approved plans.  Right of way and easement acquisition in process.  Construction to start spring of 2023.

Project Contact:
Craig Kohler 816-969-1800

Projected Funding: $27,482,000