Cultural and Recreational Amenities

Create a community that celebrates, welcomes and supports cultural and recreation amenities


  • Expand cultural and recreation events
  • Identify funding opportunities to support amenities and implement current plans
  • Prioritize cultural and recreational space needs

paper icon Implementation Plan

Meeting Schedule


City Hall
Howard A/B
220 SE Green St.
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

January 9, 2020

Preliminary Identification of Strategies

February 13, 2020

Strategy Refinement and Prioritization

June 11, 2020

Strategy Review and Recommendation

September 1, 2020

C4 Teams Review of Plan
City Council Presentation

Team Members

Patty Gentrup, KU Public Management Center

City Council
Phyllis Edson
Bob Johnson

Glenda Masters
Joe Snook
Jennifer Thompson
Christal Weber

Community Partners
Tyler Morehead
Brad Rackers
Linda Harrelson
Keith Townsend

Dave Eames
Jody Fristoe
Jane Bollin
Becca Stabno
Bob White
Doug Horn
Tony Meyer
Bruce Holiman
Ben Rao
David Gale
Jim Huser
Ben Martin
Abe Kuhl
Kathy Graves
Travis O'Guin