Community Engagement

Create a healthy and balanced community for all voices


  • Develop new approaches for inclusive engagement
  • Diversify digital tools for community engagement 

paper icon Implementation Plan

Meeting Schedule


City Hall
Howard A/B
220 SE Green St.
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

January 16, 2020

Preliminary Identification of Strategies

February 20, 2020

Strategy Refinement and Prioritization

June 18, 2020

Strategy Review and Recommendation

September 1, 2020

C4 Teams Review of Plan
City Council Presentation

Team Members

Patty Gentrup, KU Public Management Center

City Council
Fred DeMoro
Beto Lopez

Mark Dunning
Steve Marsh
Cheryl Nash
Carmen Spaeth
Carole Culbertson

Community Partners
Jim McKenna
Donnie Rodgers
Alyssa Lally
Vic Cundiff

Liesl Hayes
Tony Giron
Rachael Qualls
Chad Tamborini
Jolee McMullin
Zach Burton
Austin Williams
Casey Crawford
Jason Norbury
Deb Stoddard
Bob Glaser
Erin Gregory
Melissa Racer
Jaime Simpson