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Status: In Construction   |   Estimated Construction: 5/13/2024 - 7/11/2025   |  
Categories: Water Utilities-Water   |  

Water Main Rehabilitation FY22

Project Description:  Rehablilitation of water mains on: SE Hampton Ct, NW Francis Rd, NW Donovan Rd, NW Dunlap Dr, NW Libby Ln, NE Yorkshire Cr, NW O'Brien Rd, NW Redwing Dr, NW Walnut St, NW Gibson Rd, NW Noel St, SE Miller St, SE Douglas St, NE Colbern Rd, NE Rice Rd, NE Pollard Rd, SW Market St, and mains within John Knox Village, Summit Woods Crossing, Cedar Creek Mall, St. Luke's Hospital. 

Project Rationale:  Continued efforts to maintain and strengthen our water distribution system. 

Current Project Status:
Construction will start May 2024 by Wiedenmann Construction.  

Project Contact:
Jon Haley  816-969-1800