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Fly Friendly

The Lee's Summit Municipal Airport prides itself on being a good neighbor. We ask that pilots who use the airport consider following some simple recommendations when flying in Lee's Summit:

  • Begin take-offs at the beginning of the runway, not at an intersection, and reduce power after take-off as soon as practical to reduce noise.
  • Use your best climb consistent with safety and ATC procedures.
  • When departing Runway 18, turn left as soon as allowable to reduce or possibly avoid over-flight of the residential areas south of the airport.
  • When taking off on Runway 36, turn right as soon as allowable to reduce or possibly avoid over-flight of the residential areas north of the airport.
  • When using Runway 11/29, consider keeping your traffic patterns close to the airport to reduce or possibly avoid flying over residential areas south of the airport.
  • At a minimum, follow the VASI and PAPI approach lights when landing.
  • Whenever possible, avoid repeated take-offs and landings between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • If practical, try to reduce repeated overflights of the residential areas north and south of the airport when practicing take-offs and landings.
  • Consider using a reduced power setting if flying over residential areas due to the following: traffic; low cloud cover; ATC instructions; or when approaching the airport to land. Flying with the lowest practical RPM setting will reduce aircraft noise substantially.
  • Fly a tight pattern to try to keep noise as close to the airport as possible. Practice descents to the runway at low power settings and with as few power changes as possible.