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Water Quality

Have you noticed a difference in the taste & odor of your tap water? KC Water has advised LS Water Utilities that low water levels in the Missouri River have caused KC Water to adjust their water treatment process, which can affect the taste & odor of tap water. This condition is likely to continue until water levels rise in the Missouri River & prior treatment processes can resume.

This does NOT affect the water quality & safety. The water meets or exceeds all state & federal drinking water safety requirements. Both KC Water & LS Water Utilities perform continuous monitoring & extensive laboratory testing of drinking water to ensure its safety & quality.

To reduce the impact on customers, LS Water Utilities is maximizing the amount of water supplied from Independence up to the full amount allowed by contract. However, due to demand, water supply from KC Water cannot be completely eliminated.

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We take pride to ensure the water delivered to you meets and exceeds all federal and state standards. Lee’s Summit purchases treated water from the cities of Kansas City and Independence. Listed in the report are the test results for the City of Lee's Summit's water supply as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1996.

Water Quality Report 2019

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