Pryor Road Improvements

Hook Road to Longview Road

The City of Lee’s Summit is designing infrastructure improvements for the Pryor Road corridor from Longview Road to Hook Road, a project that was approved by voters with the passage of the 2017 sales tax initiative. The project goals are to enhance safety, improve roadway operations, provide pedestrian and bicycle amenities, and facilitate growth and livability for residents in southwest Lee’s Summit.


Specific corridor improvements are illustrated below. These include roadway widening to two lanes in each direction with curb and gutter and enclosed storm drainage, additional turn lanes and signal improvements, a divided median, improved roadway lighting, added pedestrian and cycling features such as continuous sidewalk and multiuse path, utility relocations, and access management modifications.

These project investments will be impactful, yet beneficial to residents and businesses along the corridor, in adjacent neighborhoods, and community-wide. The City anticipates these improvements will promote economic activity and investment along Pryor Road, a key corridor in southwest Lee’s Summit, and will also support the City’s Livable Streets Policy and impending future development.

Over the next several months, the City and consultant team will be finalizing plans for the project and beginning the right-of-way acquisition process. Construction is anticipated to start in early 2024.

illustration of pryor road improvements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pryor Road Improvements from Longview to M150 are being designed and constructed in two separate segments. The first segment, from Longview Road to Hook Road, is currently being designed and is expected to begin construction in early 2024. The second segment, from Hook Road to M150 is expected to begin design in 2023-24 and is currently planned for construction in 2025-2026. The improvements are being phased this way for financial reasons, to align with revenue received from sales tax receipts, and to better manage traffic impacts during construction of each segment. Improvements to Pryor Road, from Longview Road to M150, are planned for in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). 

View the City’s current (2021-2025) CIP

The funding for this project comes from the City’s half cents sales tax, renewed by voters for an additional 15 years in April 2017. Commitments to voters for seven major road projects, six transportation-related projects, and certain stormwater infrastructure improvements were made prior to the renewal of the sales tax. Revenues from this tax must be used for these specific commitments. Pryor Road Improvements from Longview Road to M150 was one of the major road projects committed to as part of this sales tax initiative.

Traffic counts collected along Pryor Road are currently approaching the design capacity of the existing two-lane roadway. In order for traffic to operate safely and effectively into the future, additional capacity from additional lanes are required. There are several significant new subdivisions approved along the corridor in various states of construction. There are also large parcels of land likely to develop along this corridor, further increasing traffic volumes and turning movements. Additionally, there are no dedicated bicycle or pedestrian amenities south of Longview Road along Pryor. Upgrading the Pryor Road corridor from Longview Road to Hook Road, and eventually to M150, will provide the necessary capacity for long-term growth in Lee’s Summit and a connected network not only for vehicular traffic but for pedestrians and cyclists from I-470 to M150.

Project improvements for cyclists are anticipated to include a 10-foot shared-use path on the west side of Pryor, to connect to the existing shared-use path on Pryor north of Longview Road and the path on Longview Road east and west of Pryor Road. The speed limit along most of Pryor Road, a Major Arterial, south of Longview Road is 45 mph. Roadway design standards and bicycle facility design guidance do not recommend non-separated facilities for cyclists on a 45 mph roadway. Sidepath suitability rates highly for bicycle accommodations along this corridor given the minimal conflicts. This accommodation is consistent with the City adopted Bicycle Transportation Plan and Greenway Master Plan. 

Expected improvements to Pryor Road at Eagle View Drive include adjusting the vertical profile (cutting down the hill) to improve sight distance at the intersection.  Also, the intersection will be configured to easily add a traffic signal either at the time of the construction of the project or at a future date as development along the corridor occurs and increased traffic necessitates it. The need for a traffic signal will be determined based on standard criteria for conditions at the time of design and in consideration of surrounding development activity.

Turn lanes will be added to existing intersections and added or planned for future intersections along Pryor Road. These design details are currently being determined.

We anticipate that there will be some turning movements that are restricted as a result of these roadway improvements to ensure motorist, pedestrian, and cyclist safety. These design details are currently being determined and will follow the City of Lee’s Summit’s Access Management Code and consider planned roadway intersections.