Water Utilities Advisory Board

Their purpose is to provide input to the City Council on the services, financial policies, planning, fees and charges of the Water Utilities Department with the goal of helping to ensure the efficient and sustainable provision of department services.  They shall also review and make recommendations related to the financial policies, fees and charges of the Water Utilities Department. Such recommendations shall be forwarded to the City Council. The board shall review and make recommendations to the council on other such matters as council requests such recommendations.

Established by Ordinance No. 7144

Mike Atcheson
Anthony Columbatto
Kyle Gorrell
Glen Jones
Alli Kisner
Rick Poeschl 
Mark Leetch
Bryon Livingston
Phil Evans
Director of Water Utilities Mark Schaufler

City Council Liaison: Councilmember Fred DeMoro

Department Liaison
Water Utilities