Public Safety Advisory Board

This board was formed in June of 1986 by combining the Fire Advisory Board and Police Advisory Board. A major recodification of the creation, composition and function of the Board was accomplished with Ordinance No. 3752, passed by the Board of Aldermen in November of 1992. Nine citizens, appointed by the mayor with the consent of the City Council, serve on the board for three-year terms. 


  • Advises staff on methods and procedures to improve public relations and public image;
  • Has the capability of initiating investigations regarding general public complaints against the Fire and Police Departments; 
  • Recommends improvements to the Fire and Police Departments to the City Council;
  • Considers complaints related to traffic regulations;
  • Receives reports on traffic activities, reviews and recommends traffic ordinances to the City Council; 
  • Reviews and studies fire prevention, fire safety, law enforcement and animal control ordinances for recommendation to the city manager and City Council. 

Established by Ordinance No. 7225

James Pryde, Chairperson
Randy Johnson, Vice Chairperson
Bruce Trammell
Vanessa Hickman
Kenneth Davis
Jennifer Nussbeck
Fred Pickard
Mark Leetch
Bill Morrow

City Council Liaison
Councilmember Fred DeMoro

Department Liaison
Police Department