Board of Aeronautic Commissioners

The Board of Aeronautic Commissioners review issues pertaining to the Lee's Summit Airport. The nine voting members, including one City Council liaison, are appointed by the mayor, with the confirmation of the City Council for four-year terms.


  • Review proposed annual budget for the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport, submitting recommendations to the City Council.
  • Provide guidance and suggestions to staff on the operation of the airport.
  • Review contracts, agreements, rules, regulations, safety issues, charges and fees pertaining to the operation of the airport.
  • Monitor applicable FAA regulations.
  • Consider other matters deemed appropriate and submit recommendations on issues requested by the City Council.

Established by Ordinance 5004.

Tom Townsend, Chairperson
James Brady, Vice Chair
Bill Haley
Kirk Fletcher
Phil Mall
Darryl Nelson, MD
Joseph Towns
City Council Liaison: John Lovell

Department Liaison
John Ohrazda, Airport Manager