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Conserving our greatest resource


Summer can be a time for high water usage, and Lee’s Summit Water Utilities is committed to meeting your everyday water needs while encouraging the conservation of one of our greatest resources. To assist us in this endeavor, Water Utilities is asking customers to "Water Smart" this summer by:

  • Adjusting your lawnmower height and leaving your grass a little taller. This helps protect the roots from heat and reduces the loss of moisture due to evaporation.
  • Making sure the ground is moist 4-6 inches below the surface after watering your lawn and watering less frequently promotes root growth. A lawn with deep roots requires less water and is more resistant to drought and disease.
  • Adding two to three inches of mulch around landscaping to help the soil retain moisture.
  • Adjusting your sprinkler systems so only your lawn is watered and not the sidewalks, house, driveway or street.
  • Using a hand-held watering can or a hose with a trigger nozzle to better control your irrigation water usage. I
  • Installing a rainfall or soil moisture sensor for your automatic sprinkler system to prevent over-watering your lawn.
  • Using a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway. Selecting plants native to Missouri so your landscaping thrives with little or no additional watering.

Using these water conservation tips, and others found on our website, LSwater.net, can help ensure there is enough water for everyone, and perhaps even save your money along the way. For more information, call Lee’s Summit Water Utilities at 816.969.1900.