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The Water Utilities Department is composed of three divisions: Administration, Account Services and Operations Divisions.


Water Utilities Administration oversees the strategic and financial activities of the department. Some of the primary tasks managed by the administrative group include; determine water and wastewater rate structures and fees, oversee capital improvement planning to meet current and future demands, manage water purchase contracts and contribute to the management of the wastewater treatment district.

Account Services Division:

The Account Services division includes customer service, billing and collection services, meter services and financial services.  Financial services activities of the department are performed under the direction of the Director, which include the development of financial policies, completing financial analyses, water and wastewater rate studies, and coordinating the development of the annual operating and capital budgets.  Customer services involves establishing water & wastewater accounts in the utility billing system and completing service requests through our workorder software application to dispatch field crews to perform those services. 

Operations Division:

The Operations Division provides many services such as; water main line repairs, sanitary sewer main line repairs and preventative maintenance, locates utility lines for sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer, performs water main taps for service connections, and addresses various other services and customer concerns. This Division works with other City departments as well as outside contractors, builders, and plumbers to complete projects and field work in a timely manner.