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Police >> Programs and Services >> Animal Control >> Key Regulations

Key Regulations

Animal Bites
- All animal bites must be reported to the Animal Control Department. Upon report to Animal Control, an animal involved in a bite incident must be placed under observation a ten (10) day period at either the Lee's Summit Animal Control facility or at an approved veterinarian's clinic within the city limits of Lee's Summit.

Dog Breeding Requirements - Anyone wanting to breed their dog(s) within the City of Lee’s Summit must either be recognized as an Individual Breeder or apply for a Breeding Permit. Anyone with questions about the breeding of dogs within the City of Lee’s Summit should call the Animal Control Department at 816-969-1640. For more information about dog breeding requirements, please check out the Dog Breeding Requirements Webpage.

Licensing and Leashing - All dogs and cats, over 6 months of age, must be licensed prior to May 1 annually. Proof of rabies vaccination is required to obtain a license. Licenses may be obtained at the Lee's Summit Animal Control Facility or at Lee's Summit City Hall. Spayed and neutered animals are now $10 and unaltered animals are $45. Also, lifetime licenses can be issued to animals that are altered and micro chipped for $50. We no longer sell lifetime licenses for animals that are not altered and micro chipped.

Additionally, Lee's Summit has a "leash law" in that all pets, when outdoors, must be restrained by a chain, leash, or other device that is attached to an fixed object or under the hand-held control of the owner, or the animal must be kept in an enclosed area from which it can not escape, even when the animal is on the owner's property.

Maximum Number of Pets - The number of pets, dogs or cats or any combination thereof, that one owner can have at their residence is limited to three, over six months of age.

Mandatory Spay/Neuter - The Mandatory Spay and Neuter Program for Dogs can be found in Lee’s Summit City Ordinance 5.141.  For more information about the Mandatory Spay/Neuter Program, please check out the Mandatory Spray/Neuter webpage.

Noisy Pets -- Any dog that barks, howls, or whines in an excessive fashion can be considered as a public nuisance and should be reported to the Animal Control Department at 816-969-1640.

Tethering Ordinance -  In an effort to increase the safety of citizens and their pets, the City of Lee’s Summit has enacted an anti-tethering ordinance.  For more information about the tethering ordinance, check out the Tethering Ordinance Webpage.