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Residents, developers/builders and mortgage lenders are all invited to share their experiences pertaining to Fair Housing. The survey will help the City better understand issues related to housing and housing choice. Survey responses are anonymous.

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Calling all Lee’s Summit businesses! During September 2009, the City of Lee’s Summit will be hosting a contest for local Lee’s Summit businesses to create a slogan that supports the City’s environmental initiatives. The City of Lee’s Summit has a variety of initiatives and programs in place to protect and preserve our environment, such as downtown recycling, electronics recycling, stream team events, rain barrel workshops, Sweep the Summit litter collection events, an Adopt-A-Street program, landfill diversion programs, two drop-off recycling centers, and a household hazardous waste collection facility.

The purpose of the slogan will be to communicate the importance of Lee’s Summit’s environmental programs to the public in a recognizable and memorable way. This slogan will be used on the City’s Web site, the government access channel, at the recycling centers, and on all public information flyers and brochures that are associated with the City’s environmental programs. The contest has been established as a way to involve local businesses in the City’s environmental efforts.

Rules for entry are below. Once the winning slogan is selected by a panel of judges, it will be submitted to the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District where high school art students will design a logo that incorporates the winning slogan. Both the slogan and the logo will be utilized as a “brand” for all of the City’s environmental programs. The winner(s) will be recognized and announced by the City in the news release that will be sent to local media.

Rules for Slogan Contest Entry

  1. Slogan Objectives: The slogan should emphasize the importance of environmental issues to Lee’s Summit, encourage residents to participate in local environmental initiatives, and be succinct, limited to 8 words or less.
  2. Originality: All submissions must be original slogans created by the company identified on the entry form.
  3. Eligibility: Entries must be submitted by local businesses (have a physical Lee’s Summit address) that have a current business license with the City of Lee’s Summit. P.O. boxes are not acceptable.
  4. Rights: Assignment of Right and Copyright\Trademark Agreement: Upon submission, the slogan becomes the property of the City of Lee’s Summit and will not be returned. The person submitting the entry upon behalf of the company hereby certifies that he or she has the authority to bind the company and further certifies that the entry is solely the company’s original work and that the company owns all right, title, and interests in and to said entry. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, the company conveys all right, title, and interest in and to the entry to the City of Lee’s Summit. In the event such conveyance is invalid, the company and myself hereby grant an irrevocable, perpetual, exclusive, world-wide, fully transferable, royalty-free, fully paid-up license to the City of Lee’s Summit to use the entry for any and all purposes deemed appropriate by the City of Lee’s Summit in its sole discretion and forever release the City of Lee’s Summit from all claims related to any such use. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Missouri. By submitting this entry I, for myself and the company identified in the entry, agree to be bound by the provisions of this agreement.
  5. How to Enter: Go to www.lslandfill.net and click on the “Slogan Contest” article under the News/Events tab on the right side of the Web page. The following information will be required to submit an entry: business name, business address, contact person, contact phone number, e-mail address, and slogan (8 words or less). There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted by any one company, but all entries MUST be submitted on-line. Any entries submitted in person, via mail, and via e-mail will be disqualified.
  6. Duplicate Entries: In the event of duplicate entries, the slogan received first will be entered into the contest.
  7. Contest Opening/Closing: Slogan entries will be accepted between September 1 and September 30, 2009.
  8. Winner Selection: Slogans will be judged on their creativity, motivational value, clarity of message, and relevance to Lee’s Summit. None of the business participants will be divulged to contest judges prior to or during judging.
  9. Award: The winning slogan will be utilized by the City as part of a “brand” for all of the City’s environmental programs.
  10. Notifying Winner: The winner will be notified within 2 weeks following contest closing.


For more information about the contest, contact the City’s Environmental Programs Coordinator Kara Taylor at (816) 969-1804.