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City of Lee's Summit >> Departments >> Law
Law Department

Brian Head, City Attorney

Civil Division

220 SE Green Street
Lee's Summit, MO 64063

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8 am-5 pm
Phone: (816) 969-1400
Fax: (816)969-1401

Prosecution Division

10 NE Tudor Road
Lee's Summit, MO 64086

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8 am-5 pm
Phone: (816) 969-1420
Fax: (816)969-1421

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Law Department

The Missouri Bar, Jackson County Courthouse, American Bar Association, Municipal Court

Mission Statement

The mission of the Law Department is to provide quality legal services to the City of Lee's Summit so it can govern lawfully and effectively. The Law Department is committed to providing excellent, timely, and cost-effective legal advice, representation, and services to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, City departments, and boards & commissions to support their efforts to serve the citizens of Lee's summit, and is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the City through ethical and professional enforcement of the Code of Ordinances. 


Civil Division

Brian W. Head, City Attorney
Jackie McCormick Heanue, Chief Counsel of Mgmt & Ops./Deputy City Attorney
Zach Cartwright, Chief of Litigation
Beth Murano, Chief Counsel of Public Safety
Nancy Yendes, Chief Counsel of Infrastructure and Planning

Colleen M. Fetz, Contract Compliance Coordinator/Paralegal
Jina Bellamy, Executive Assistant

The Law Department is divided into two divisions: Civil and Prosecution. In the Civil division, the department's personnel consists of the City Attorney, one Chief Counsel of Mgmt & Ops/Deputy City Attorney, one Chief of Litigation, one Chief Counsel of Public Safety, one Chief Counsel of Infrastructure and Planning, one Contract Compliance Coordinator/Paralegal and one part-time Executive Assistant. In the Prosecution division, the department's personnel consists of one full-time Chief Prosecuting Attorney and one part-time Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, one Office Manager/Paralegal and one Legal Assistant. 

By City Charter, the City Attorney supervises and directs the Law Department.


The Civil Division provides legal advice and counsel to the Mayor, City Council, appointed officials, and City staff on the full range of legal issues which confront the City of Lee's Summit.  The City Attorney or his/her designee attends all City Council meetings and other board and committee meetings as necessary or upon request to provide legal guidance.  In addition, the Civil Division attorneys regularly:

  • confer and work with the City Manager, Department Directors and City staff to develop strategies for resolving legal issues;
  • respond to lawsuits against the City;
  • review and approve contracts and other legal documents prior to consideration by the City Council;
  • draft ordinances, contracts, resolutions, conveyances and other legal documents;
  • monitor and coordinate all litigation files with outside legal counsel; 
  • research, prepare memoranda and provide advice on various legal issues such as economic development, employment, real estate, environmental, procurement, contract compliance, planning and zoning, open records and meetings, local government liability and numerous constitutional matters;
  • review current case law and legislative enactments to evaluate potential impact on the City; and 
  • work with City departments to collect on past due accounts.

Prosecution Division

Terri Cipolla Round, Chief Prosecuting Attorney
Bryan Krantz, Part-time Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Maria Krug, Office Manager/Paralegal
Amber Chisesi, Legal Assistant

The Prosecution Division is responsible for prosecuting city ordinance violations in the City's Municipal Court and trials de novo, appeals, and jury trials in the Circuit Court of Jackson County.  The ordinance violations range from routine traffic offenses to domestic violence offenses and include nuisance and animal control violations.  The Prosecution Division also enforces the City's Fire Code, Building Code, and Zoning Regulations.  The Prosecutors also advise police and other enforcement staff on the preparation and presentation of cases in court, as well as issues related to the Open Records laws.