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Budget Committee

Chairperson Councilmember Trish Carlyle
Vice Chair Councilmember Bob Johnson       
Councilmember Phyllis Edson        

Councilmember Diane Forte
Alternate: Councilmember Rob Binney

Staff Liaison:   
City Attorney Brian Head

Meeting Documents

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Rules Committee


This committee formulates and presents for consideration the rules of the council.


  • Considers and reports upon all propositions to amend or change the rules, which propositions shall stand referred without reading or consideration and without discussion, explanation or debate to the Committee on Rules.
  • Parliamentary rulings may be made only by the Mayor as the presiding officer of meetings of the Council or temporary presiding officer at meetings of the Council.
  • At the option of the Mayor or temporary presiding officer or at the request from a member of the Rules
    Committee, they may refer points of order to the
    Committee for an immediate advisory opinion.


Meets as needed throughout the year in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.