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City of Lee's Summit >> Business With the City >> Bid Opportunities
Bid Opportunities

Bid Opportunities


2017-069 Design Services for a new Fire Station No. 3


        The City of Lee's Summit will accept electronically submitted bids from qualified persons or firms interested in providing the following:  Design Service for a New Fire Station No. 3.  Submittals must be received electronically in Public Purchase by 5:00 PM Local time, on March 24, 2017.

        RFQ documents and any addendums are available by accessing the City’s e-procurement system, Public Purchase at http://www.publicpurchase.com/gems/leessummit,mo/buyer/public/publicInfo or by contacting the Procurement Officer or City Staff listed on page 1. Firms needing to register with Public Purchase click here: http://www.publicpurchase.com. This is a two-step process. Firms should plan on registering no later than 36 hours (M-F) prior to bid opening.

        For any contract for services greater than $5,000, the successful bidder shall comply with § 285.530, RSMo, as amended, and (1) provide by sworn affidavit affirmation that it does not knowingly employ any person who is an unauthorized alien and (2) provide documentation affirming its enrollment and participation in a federal work authorization program with respect to the employees working in connection with this agreement.  The required documentation affirming enrollment must be from the federal work authorization program provider.  Letter from respondent reciting compliance is not sufficient. All bids should include the signed and notarized Work Authorization Affidavit and the electronic signature page from the E-Verify program. Letter from Contractor reciting compliance is not sufficient.

DeeDee Tschirhart, Senior Procurement Officer

Status: RFQ