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Friday, September 07, 2018

Woods Chapel Set to Undergo “Road Diet”

In an effort to improve safety, Woods Chapel Road west of Independence Avenue in Lee’s Summit, Mo., is getting a makeover. In what is often referred to as a “road diet,” this section of Woods Chapel Road will be reduced from four-lanes to three-lanes after being resurfaced as part of the City’s annual street resurfacing program. Work is scheduled to begin Sept. 8, weather permitting.

The four-lane roadway will be changed to include left-turn lanes, an eastbound lane, a westbound lane and paved shoulders. The paved shoulders extend the existing greenway and bike route network along Woods Chapel Road towards Lee’s Summit Road and will connect to the Lakewood Loop.  The left-turn lanes improve safety and enhance the operations of a pending traffic signal, which will be located at the Channel Drive and Woods Chapel Road intersection. 

These planned improvements are expected to increase safety for all road users.  The new three-lane road merges into the two lane section of Woods Chapel Road west of Channel Drive. It will have more than enough capacity to accommodate current and future traffic volumes.

Industry accepted research consistently shows improved safety, and often improved operations, where “road diets” are applied. The City has completed many miles of “road diets” in the recent past, including Blackwell Road, Jefferson Street, Independence Avenue, Second Street, and Chipman Road. Those "road diet" projects have received positive and favorable feedback from residents.

For more information about this project, contact the City’s Public Works Department at (816) 969-1800 or publicworks@cityofls.net.

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