Snow & Ice Control Updates

City’s Crews Prepared for Potential Winter Weather on Thanksgiving Morning

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City crews pretreated hot spots and elevated surfaces today, Wed., Nov. 27, in preparation for a potential wintry mix on Thanksgiving morning, Thurs., Nov. 28. Temperatures are expected to drop to near freezing at the onset of the storm on Thursday morning, and crews pretreated areas which are susceptible to freezing under these conditions. Residents should use caution while driving, especially at intersections and on elevated surfaces such as bridges and overpasses....

City’s Crews Scheduled to Treat Roadways Early Mon., Nov. 11

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City crews are scheduled to report at 3 a.m. on Mon., Nov. 11, to treat roadways ahead of the morning commute. Light snow is forecast early Monday morning and accumulations are expected to be minor; however, pavement temperatures are anticipated to drop below freezing during the morning commute and slickness is possible. Residents should use caution while driving, especially on elevated services such as bridges and overpasses. Crews will treat roadways as necessary...

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Snow & Ice Control Information

City crews plow and treat more than 1,000 lane miles of streets and cul-de-sacs in Lee's Summit

Public Works is responsible for snow removal on public streets. The department monitors weather forecasts closely to schedule crews in advance of winter weather to ensure the highest possible level of response for safe travel during the event.

The Snow Plan has a scheduled route system. Snow plows are only redirected to assist police and fire emergencies and are not otherwise pulled off of established routes.

Snow Routes  Snow Control Brochure 

snow plan map of lee's summit

Snow Control Response Levels

Lee’s Summit has established snow control goals which include a completion time for each level of response. The goal time starts when accumulating
winter precipitation ends and is dependent upon the severity of winter weather conditions. 

Level 1: pre-treatment
Level 2: one inch or less; 24 hours
Level 3: one to six inches; 32.5 hours and six to ten inches; 40 hours
Level 4: more than ten inches; 48 hours
Level 5: sustained winds of 30 MPH; 48 hours

Street Classifications

Primary and secondary roads are the main priority when the snowfall begins. Residential streets are plowed last.

  • Primary: major four-lane or high volume two-lane streets
  • Secondary: minor thoroughfares
  • Residential: local streets, includes dead end streets and cul-de-sacs

Residential Streets

When snow is falling or when heavy snowfall is predicted, Public Works plows one pass on residential streets and around cul-se-sacs which allows for a drive lane down the center of the street. Once snowfall stops or one pass is complete, crews will return and plow streets open as much as attainable. 

Private Streets, Driveways and Sidewalks

Plowing snow on private property is the property owner’s responsibility. Shoveling snow to the side of the driveway will lessen the amount of snow left at the driveway entrance and/or sidewalks during plowing.