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In an effort to be a good neighbor, the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport asks pilots who use the Airport to consider following some simple recommendations contained in this guide


Lee's Summit Municipal Airport

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General Information

The Lee's Summit Municipal Airport is located in the heart of one of the fastest growing regions of the country, just southeast of Kansas City in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Lee's Summit is a convenient destination to and from numerous Kansas City area points of interest, such as sports venues, the Plaza, and the Power and Light District.  The Lee's Summit Municipal Airport is located 3.5 miles north of Lee's Summit's charming and vibrant downtown district. 

As of Sept. 27, runway 18/36 is OPEN and is 5,501 feet. Please note that Taxiway Charlie and the east apron will remain closed for several more weeks. The contractor will continue to complete work outside of the runway safety areas for the next several weeks. Please continue to check NOTAMs.

Airport Improvements 


·        5,501 ft. grooved concrete runway

·        4,000 ft. cross wind runway

·        Nine inches of pavement thickness

·        60,000 lb. aircraft capacity

·        Improved airfield lighting

·        Jetgo ground power unit (GPU)

·  40,000 sq. ft. heated hangar space available now for rent for your business and corporate aircraft and/or itinerant stays

Airport History

In 1977, the Lee's Summit Airport was privately owned and operated by Mr. Bill McComas.  At that time, the airport had one 2,400 foot x 60 foot runway, five hangars housing 48 aircraft, and 50 exterior tie-downs.

Today, the Lee's Summit Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the City of Lee's Summit.  The airport currently operates a 5,001 foot x 100 foot runway and a 4,000 foot x 75 foot runway, 23 buildings, and approximately 172 aircraft tie-downs.  The goal of the Lee's Summit Municipal Airport is to provide patrons with fast, friendly service and competitive prices in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Airport and Pilot Data

Airport Identifier: 
N38-57.59; W094-22.30
1004 MSL
Magnetic Variation:
Navigational  Aids:
ANX-114.0 227.14


ASOS: As of
April 18, 2002
122.80 UNICOM

124.175 ASOS
Local Number - 816-347-9807

Pattern Altitude:
800' AGL
1800' MSL
18 - 36 4,016X 75, concrete;
Lights PCL 
11 - 29 3,800 X 75, concrete;
Lights PCL
Pilot  Controlled Lighting (PCL):
CTAF 122.80
(3 clicks in 10 sec, low intensity;
5 clicks in 10 sec, med. intensity;
7 clicks in 10 sec, high intensity); Rotating Beacon

Right traffic for runways 36 and 11.  No left turn out on runways 36 and 11 below 2500' MSL within 3 miles North.