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Municipal Court

Mandatory Court Appearance:

  • Assault/Domestic Violence violations
  • Codes violations
  • Drug & Alcohol violations
  • General ordinance violations
  • Driving while suspended/revoked
  • Fleeing/eluding police officer
  • Speeding – 20+ mph over
  • Any violation involving an accident

Please contact the court for information about additional violations requiring a court appearance.


You must appear in court if you were involved in an accident.

Speeding 1 - 19 over

Driving without headlights when req’d (29-612)

Barricades Illegal U-Turn
Crossing Median Impeding traffic – blocking intersection
Driving on closed roadway Improper backing
Driving on sidewalk Improper lane use
Driving with view obstructed Improper turn
Fail to dim headlights Improper use of controlled access
Failure to yield right of way (no accident) Stop sign or signal
Following too closely Warning of radar
Following fire apparatus Wrong way – one way street/alley
Defective Equipment Fail to produce operator's license
Seat belt violation

Passing school bus (stop arm violation)

Child passenger restraint Operators license required
Careless & Imprudent driving Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
Failure to provide proof of insurance*   

*You may appear at the clerk's office prior to your court date with proof of valid insurance. If insurance was valid at the time of the offense, your case will be dismissed.

See fine schedule for additional violations payable out of court.