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Zoning Verification

Zoning Verification - by phone

Zoning of a property can be verified over the phone at no charge, by calling the Development Services Department at 816-969-1200. We will need the address of the property, or a legal description, or a parcel number.

Zoning Verification - in writing

If you need a zoning verification in writing, we will provide a "zoning confirmation letter" for a fee of $100.00. Please submit your request in writing to the Development Services Department.

Included in the City's written response will be:

  • the zoning district of the specific property, based on the address, legal description, or parcel number
  • uses permitted in the district
  • confirmation that the property is in compliance with all applicable ordinance requirements, to the best of our knowledge
  • confirmation that the development is in conformance with development standards, such as density, height, setbacks, parking, landscaping, etc., if that information is available
  • Information in the letter will be based upon facts within the actual knowledge of City staff, which may include a record of any violations on file with the city. City staff does not conduct an independent investigation of the current status or conditions of the property.