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Comprehensive Plan Cover Image

Comprehensive Plan 2005 (As Amended)


A comprehensive plan is an official document that sets forth a long-term vision (normally 15 to 20 years into the future) for the entire planning area in terms of its land use pattern, infrastructure provision, and community well-being. As a planning tool, a comprehensive plan serves as a general development guide rather than a regulatory document. A comprehensive plan has four key features:


  • It is comprehensive; it addresses all aspects of physical development and their social and economic implications;

  • It is general; it establishes general guidelines for future land development and public infrastructure and service provision;

  • It is long-term; it normally focuses on long-term land use and infrastructure needs;

  • It is fluid; it is a dynamic and ever changing plan.

The comprehensive plan document should be an ever-changing document. Nothing within the document is set in stone. It should also be an open-ended document, meaning that different plan elements may be added or eliminated at any time through the legal plan update procedure.

The 2005 Comprehensive plan, as amended includes the main document and its appendices. The appendices are supplemental plans and studies such as district plans, corridor studies and a series of public infrastructure plans. Provided below are links to these documents for you to review online or download.

2005 Lee's Summit Comprehensive Plan (as amended) All maps in Appendix A included.

Appendices may be accessed by clicking the links below.

Appendix A: Comprehensive Plan MAPS

Appendix B: Highest and best Use Analysis North Planning Area (Available Upon Request)

Appendix C: South M-291/M-150 Corridor Study

Appendix D: Old Lee's Summit Development Master Plan (Lee's Summit Downtown Master Plan)

Appendix E: Historic Preservation Plan

Appendix F: Current CIP

Appendix G: Water Master Plan (PDF 14.51 MB)

Appendix H: Wastewater Master Plan

Appendix I: Greenway Master Plan

Appendix J: Thoroughfare Master Plan (New)

M-150 Sustainable Corridor Vision and Framework Plan (New)

Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact: Heping Zhan, AICP, Assistant Director, Planning & Special Projects Department. Telephone: (816) 969-1609 Fax: (816) 969-1619 Email: Heping.Zhan@cityofls.net.