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Select the following link of the County in which you reside for voting information, such as:

  • What is on the Ballot?
  • Where do I vote?

Jackson County Election Board

Cass County Election Authority

View the Election Calendar by visiting: State of Missouri Secretary of State


Mayor | City Council | Municipal Judges | Past Elections | 2014 291/50 Hwy GO BondCouncil District Map | Search which District you Live

Current Ballot Questions

On Tuesday, August 2, Lee's Summit voters will be presented with two ballot questions. The first is a question regarding the continuation of the Out-of-State Motor Vehicle Sales Tax. The Second question is asking voters to consider extending the ¼ cent Park sales tax for 15 years to fund future capital projects and operations. 

#1 "Out-of-State Motor Vehicle Sales Tax" 

Lee's Summit voters will be asked whether or not to discontinue the collection of the city's sales tax on motor vehicles, trailers, boats and outboard motors purchased from out-of-state dealers. 

In 2012, the Missouri Supreme Court Case (Street vs. the Director of Revenue), followed by subsequent state legislation (HB 184/SB182) in 2013, required cities without a use tax (such as Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Independence and other municipalities across the state) to receive voter approval to continue sales tax collections on purchases of out-of-state motor vehicles, trailers, boats and outboard motors.  Read more. 


#2 "Parks 1/4 Cent Sales Tax"

The second question to voters is to consider extending the ¼ cent Park sales tax for 15 years to fund future capital projects and operations.  Read more. 

Municipal Elections

Elections for Municipal Officials serving the City of Lee’s Summit are held in even-numbered years.  Lee's Summit is a Charter form of government, setting the terms for all city councilmembers to four years in length.  With an eight-member Council, terms for half the Council and one municipal judge will expire every even-numbered year.  The position of Mayor is also a four-year term.  No councilmember or mayor may serve more than two consecutive terms.  There are no limits for municipal judges. 

The next regularly scheduled election will be held in April of 2018. Qualifications for candidates filing for office in Lee’s Summit are included in the City Charter, Article III. ​

Absentee Voting

Absentee Voting: 

Absentee Voting Eligibility

Resident of Jackson County outside the corporate limits of the city of Kansas City.

You MUST have one of the following reasons for voting absentee: 

  • Absence from your voting jurisdiction on election day

  • You are incapacitated due to illness, injury or physical disability or you assist someone with illness, injury or disability

  • Religious belief or practice

  • Employment by an election authority

  • Incarceration

Missouri does NOT have Early Voting - only Absentee Voting is permitted.

Absentee Voting begins on the sixth Tuesday prior to the day of the election

Absentee Voting in Person:

JCEB Offices - 215 N. Liberty, Independence, MO 64050

Absentee Voting by Mail:   

Overseas Citizens and Military – go to http://jcebmo.org/militaryand-overseas  for special instructions.

Information on registration for Jackson County residents can be found on this web site:  http://jcebmo.org/registration
Cass County residents can find information at:  http://www.casscounty.com/clerk/clerk.html