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Carol Hill
Pat Herring
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Railroad Task Force

Administration Department


The Railroad Task Force was created in 1997 by Resolution 97-19.  The Task Force was tasked to enhance communication, correct misinformation and continue evaluating strategy for monitoring and opposing reactivation of the old Rock Island Railroad.   The Chairperson shall be selected by the Mayor and have a total voting membership of thirteen, including the chairperson.  Members are appointed for one year terms and may be reappointed for an indefinite numbers of terms.

The Task Force consists of twelve members representing the following subdivisions: Bent Tree Bluffs, Cedar Creek Estates and Edgewood; The Crossing, South Crossing, and Summit Crossing; Huckleberry Hollow, Dhones Acres, and Sunset Hills; Oxford Hills, Oxford Meadows, Oxford Pointe, and Glendana Heights; Pine Meadows; Ravenscrest, Pine Ridge, and Countryside; Sterling Hills and Windridge; Summit Falls and Westbrook; Twin Creek and Rainbow Ridge; White Ridge, Cedar Creek Estates, and Cedar Creek Village; and Winterset Park.


Meetings are held as needed at City Hall.