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Clean Lakes and Streams begin with ME!

This brochure identifies simple methods that will help protect the water quality of Lee's Summit.


First Year Operational Analysis of the North Recycling Center

The North Recycling Center opened on November 1, 2008.  This analysis discusses the operations of the facility over the course of the first year (2009) and projects utilization, operation, and costs for the next year (2010). 


Greenway Master Plan

The Lee’s Summit Greenway Master Plan is a pivotal piece of the City’s Green Solutions Initiative bringing together resource preservation, greenway development and improved water quality with bicycle and pedestrian improvements.


Household Hazardous Waste Customer Service Analysis

The Household Hazardous Waste Facility serves more than 1,000 customers and accepts approximately 100,000 pounds of hazardous material each year.  This analysis discusses the operations of the facility over the past three years and provides recommendations for future improvements (2012).


Lee's Summit Environmental Programs 2014

The 2014 publication that describes the numerous Environmental Programs offered by the City of Lee's Summit.


Recycling Unusual Materials

The 2013 publication that provides a list of places, primarily in the Lee's Summit and Kansas City area, where residents can take or send unwanted or unneeded items for reuse or recycling.


Solid Waste Management Plan

Created in 2006 by the Solid Waste Management Task Force (SWMTF), the Solid Waste Management Plan outlines recommendations for future Solid Waste planning in Lee's Summit.


Stormwater Plan, Citizens

Citizens' Stormwater Task Force Final Report and Recommendations for citywide stormwater management program.


Sustainability Action Plan

The Sustainability Action Plan is a prioritized plan with a 2025 horizon year and is planned to be implemented by both the City and community members.