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Lee’s Summit City Park Rules & Ordinances

Special Considerations

  • Yield playing areas to all Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation sanctioned activities.
  • Garage sales are not permitted in the parks.
  • Petting Zoos, Horses, Carnivals, Personal Water Slide, Pools, and Music Concerts are NOT allowed.
  • Electrically amplified music is not allowed. 
  • Motorized vehicles are allowed in designated parking areas only.
  • A Special Use Permit is required for all park uses not conforming with our existing facility rental policy.  It shall include concerts, walk-a-thons, runs, organized athletic events, and other such events requiring special consideration and treatment.

Alcohol in parks is allowed by permit only at Lowenstein Park, Legacy Park and Summit Park

City ordinance prohibits the sale of alcohol on park property. Consumption of alcohol is also prohibited without a special permit from the Parks and Recreation Department. Special permit is ONLY available for Lowenstein Park, Legacy Park and Summit Park. There is a $25 charge for the permit. Requests must be made in person and require a shelter reservation.

Tobacco Policy

In an effort to reduce the negative impact of tobacco use on parks and recreation patrons, the use of all tobacco products is prohibited in parks and facilities maintained, owned, and/or operated by the Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation Department.

Bounce Houses are allowed BY PERMIT ONLY at Lowenstein and Osage Trails for $25.

Renter provides all necessary equipment.

The following are NOT allowed in the parks for your safety and to protect your parks.

  1. DAMAGE of park property. City Ordinance Chp. 17-85
  2. USE of parks from 11:00pm until 5:00am. City Ordinance Chp. 19 Art III
  3. COURT PLAY over one hour when others are waiting.
  4. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. City Ordinance Chp. 19 Art III
  5. Motorized VEHICLES on park grounds. City Ordinance Chp. 19 Art III
  6. SKATES, BICYCLES or SKATEBOARDS interfering with intended use of sidewalks, parking lots or court areas. City Ordinance Chp. 29-11
  7. LITTERING. City Ordinance Chp. 17-89

A link to the Special Permit Form is at the bottom of this page. Please read through the Special Permit information, approval policy and park rules before filling it out and submitting to Lee's Summit Parks & Recreation.


What type of events requires a Park Special Use Permit?

A Park Special Use Permit is needed when one or more of the following criteria applies to your event or activity:

  • 50 or more people expected other than at a park shelter
  • live musical entertainment
  • fee collection on City property (donations, admissions, concession, or merchandise sales)
  • use of temporary structures or facilities, such as, tents, shade structures, stages, booths, amusement devices (such as, bounce house, dunking booth), etc.
  • the closing of interior park roads and/or other city streets
  • the general public is invited or notified by the media
  • animals on display, for show, or for rides
  • hot air balloons or any apparatus for aviation ascent or descent into a park
  • any wedding held at a park location other than at a reservable shelter
  • use of the shelter or park is in a manner other than their specified recreational

What criteria is used to evaluate an event for approval?

Two main criteria affecting the evaluation of the event are:

  1. Compatibility with the Department's Mission
  2. Suitability of the chosen site to accommodate the event

Compatibility with the Department Mission

The mission of Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation Department is stated as follows:

Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation is an extraordinary group of employees and volunteers dedicated to providing quality and comprehensive; recreational services, facilities and parks.  We are committed to serving all our citizens through benefit based activities and parks that are representative of the best practices of our profession.  We excel in; patron service, responsible use of our fiscal and natural resources, our volunteers and community partnerships. Our success is measured by the quality of life enjoyed by our citizens."

LSPR works in partnership with event organizers and sponsors in order to provide an event that will provide recreational value to the participants, and at the same time, preserve the natural resource. Thus, LSPR gives priority in the allocation of park space to those special events which are compatible with the LSPR’s mission.

For the purposes of special event approval, compatible events can be defined as those which focus on recreational activities which are physical, social, cultural, artistic and/or environmental in nature. Events whose primary purpose is not compatible with the LSPR’s mission are generally not approved although they may be considered on a case-by-case basis. On occasion, LSPR does approve events which are not compatible with its mission, but have a significant interest to the city. Examples include events of economic or tourism interest and/or civic, provincial, national or international events. It should be noted that these events may have additional special conditions of use placed on them.

Site Suitability

It is important to recognize that sites which accommodate special events are for public recreational use first, thus the regular use of a park must be respected. Most of Lee’s Summit parks accommodate a variety of uses including both active and passive recreational opportunities which may occur on a casual and/or organized level. The majority of parks have not been designed to accommodate large scale-events, as many lack the necessary amenities, such as, washrooms, parking, and/or access to water or power to support major special events. In addition, most parks have differing features and requirements; thus, what is appropriate in one park may not be appropriate in another. With this in mind, the objective for LSPR is to match events to an appropriate park site.


Individuals or groups requesting special use or reservation of areas, roadways, or facilities not normally reserved in accordance with this policy may make application, within the following guidelines, for consideration by the Administrator of Parks and Recreation.

  1. All requests shall be submitted in writing no less than 30 days prior to the date requested.
  2. All requests shall contain the following information:
  1. Name, address, and phone number of individual making request.  In the case of an organization, the name, address and phone number of the organization shall also be submitted.  A Special Use Permit will be allowed only to formally organized and recognized groups, firms or corporations and will be reserved only for members of that organization or firm.
  2. Detail of location or facility requested including dates and times desired.
  3. Purpose of the request.
  4. Number of persons to attend or utilize the areas or facility under the reservation.
  5. A statement addressing whether or not the planned activity or use is for commercial or profit purposes.  Carnivals and gambling will not be allowed.
  6. A statement addressing whether or not fees will be charged.  Any proposed fees for participation shall have prior Administrator of Parks and Recreation approval.
  7. A statement addressing whether or not the existing facilities will be adequate for the planned usages, and if not, what additional facilities or areas will be needed (i.e., restrooms, parking, electricity, etc.).
  1. Permits will be issued or denied to organizations or individuals based on an appraisal of the information provided and the impact on the facility, area, and adjacent property owners.
  2. All current Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations are to be observed.
  3. The Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation has authority to cancel the Special Use Permit for any violations of permit requirements or Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations.
  4. The Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation reserves the right to cancel any permit due to severe or potentially dangerous weather conditions.
  5. If requested, the sponsoring individual and/or agency shall obtain and continuously maintain comprehensive general liability coverage covering the sponsor and the Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation from liability that may arise from the special event or from any activities or actions pursuant to the event.  Said policy shall indemnify and save harmless the Board and the City of Lee’s Summit from any liability or bodily injury, property damage or any other claim whatsoever with respect to the use of the Lee’s Summit park facilities as herein set forth and provide the Board a certificate of insurance indicating coverage naming the City of Lee’s Summit, Missouri as additional insured.  This coverage must include bodily injury, property damage, public and automobile liability with minimum limits of $250,000/$500,000 or $500,000 combined single limit (property damage $100,000) to cover all operation included herein.
  6. The Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation will not approve more than a total of one special event per park, per day, utilizing weekdays or weekend days.  Priority will be given to events held on weekdays and events that will be completed by 10:00 am on either weekdays or weekends.OI
  7. A fee will be charged for each Special Use Permit.

The above guidelines apply to all requests other than Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation sponsored events.  Unusual requests, upon Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation staff review, may be forwarded to the Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation Board.


The following activities are NOT allowed in the parks.

  1. Damage of park property.  (City Ordinance Chp. 17-85)
  2. Use of parks from 11:00 pm until 5:00 am.  (City Ordinance Chp. 19-81 Art. III)
  3. Court play over one hour when others are waiting.
  4. Alcoholic beverages (without permit).   (City Ordinance Chp. 19-84 Art. III)
  5. Motorized vehicles on park grounds.   (City Ordinance Chp. 19 Art. III)
  6. Skates, bicycles or skateboards on sidewalk or court areas.   (City Ordinance Chp. 29-11, except where otherwise noted.)
  7. Littering.   (City Ordinance Chp. 17-89)

Yield playing areas to all Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation sanctioned activities.


Please fill out a "Special Use Permit" form by clicking the following link: Special Use Permit Form

Geocache General Information

  • Geocaching is a new, entertaining adventure game for Global Positioning System (GPS) users. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is to leave something to replace the item that they took.
  • We believe allowing geocaching in the park system will have mutual positive benefits to the user and the department, including the following:
  • Geocaching will attract visitors who otherwise may never visit Lee's Summit parks;
  • Geocachers will receive the benefits of exercise while searching for the caches;
  • The placement of geocaches in the park system will provide new, wholesome recreational opportunities for individuals and families.
  • The Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation Department eagerly welcomes this activity to the park system.

ATTENTION PARK USERS: If you accidentally find one of these Geocaches in any of our parks, please do not disturb it.

Geocache Policy
  1. Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation allows geocaching under the following guidelines: 1. Caches shall not be placed within 100 feet of playgrounds, ballfields, and shelters.
  2. When placing caches in the park system, no digging or any other kind of disruption of the ground will be permitted.
  3. Caches shall be clearly labeled as a geocache and include an explanation of what it is in the event it is found by non-geocachers. At the very least, contact information should be included on or inside the cache with the description of the cache as well as the name of the cache as listed on the www.geocaching.com Web site.
  4. Please include a detailed description of the cache location in the encoded "hints" section that will guide a finder to the location without difficulty.
  5. In order to see the geographical impact of geocaching, the Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation Department encourages the finder to submit his name, city and state on the official geocache web site once a cache is located in a city park.
  6. Geocachers are allowed to place a cache on Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation property so long as they comply with the restrictions stated above. Caches found not to be in compliance with this policy may be removed at the discretion of department staff.
  7. Please do not place food, sharp items, illegal items such as drugs, or materials restricted from minors, such as tobacco or alcohol, in the physical cache. 

Use of Drones in Parks

The operation of radio-controlled motorized aircraft in a park within LSPR jurisdiction is not permitted without prior approval from the Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation Department. Permission to use a radio controlled motorized aircraft may be granted on a case by case basis if request demonstrates a specific public need for the radio controlled motorized aircraft usage and does not constitute an infringement on the public’s use of the parks, a danger to patrons within the parks, or violates park user privacy. The operator of the aircraft will be expected to follow all FAA guidelines including contacting the Lee’s Summit airport. LSPR is committed to providing a safe environment for patrons who choose to enjoy the park system.

Dog Park Rules (Applicable only for Happy Tails and Dogwood Off Leash Dog Park)

  1. The off-leash dog area is for dogs and their handlers. No other use is permitted (including skateboard, bicycles, scooters and rollerblades).
  2. To create a positive experience for you and your dog, make sure your dog knows how to appropriately socialize with other dogs before using the park.
  3. Dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior are not allowed in the park.
  4. Dogs must be removed immediately from the off-leash dog area at the first sign of aggression.
  5. Handlers are responsible for any injuries caused by dog(s) under their control.
  6. Park users and dog owners assume all risk related to this use of the dog park. LSPR shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused by dogs or handlers in the off-leash area.
  7. All animal to human bites must be reported to the City of Lee's Summit Animal Control Department immediately. City of Lee's Summit Ordinance # 5.53.
  8. All users of the park shall obtain and display a CITY OF LEE'S SUMMIT dog license. Dog license and vaccination tag shall be on a collar or harness. City of Lee's Summit Ordinance # 5.82.
  9. No dogs under 4 months of age are allowed.
  10. All dogs visiting the park must be spayed or neutered.
  11. Female dogs in heat and dogs with fresh wounds are not allowed in the Park.
  12. Dogs must be under voice control of their handler and in view of their handler at all times.
  13. Dogs must be on leash, a maximum length of 6 ft., when entering and exiting the off-leash dog area.
  14. No dogs are allowed within the off-leash area while restrained by a leash.
  15. Spiked collars are not allowed.
  16. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed in the off-leash area.
  17. Children between ages 5-8 must be accompanied by an adult.
  18. Handlers must be a minimum of 16 years old.
  19. Handlers must have possession of the dog leash at all times.
  20. Only two dogs are allowed per handler.
  21. Handlers must "scoop the poop" and dispose of waste in designated park provided container.
  22. Handlers must repair all holes and damage done by their dog under their control.
  23. No animals other than dogs shall be permitted in the area.
  24. Park Hours of Operation 6 AM to Sunset or 9 PM whichever occurs first.

Animal Control 969-1640
All other emergencies call 911
Parks and Recreation 969-1500

Legacy Park Disc Golf Rules

Object of the Game:

Disc golf is played like ball golf, except that a flying disc is used.
The object of the game is to land your disc into the metal "pole hole" baskets, using the fewest number of throws possible.

Rules of Play:
  1. Each time a disc is thrown it counts as a stroke. The winner is the player with the fewest number of throws after 18 holes.
  2. Tee throws must be made within the designated tee pad areas.
  3. After teeing off, the player whose disc is farthest from the pole hole always throws first.
  4. All throws after the tee throw must be made from the location the previous throw landed.
  5. A run-up and follow-through is allowed for most throws, as long as you release the disc behind the spot in which the previous throw landed.
  6. Never throw until the players in front of you are out of reach and the fairway is clear.
  7. Local Rule: Roadways, fenced in areas, and playground/shelter areas are out-of- bounds and player shall incur a one-shot penalty.
  8. Limit the size of your playing group to five people. Allow faster groups to play through.
General Park Rules:
  1. Legacy Park Disc Golf Course is open for play from 5am to 11pm
  2. Be conscious and respectful of trail users and park patrons at the playground and picnic shelters.
  3. Please keep the park clean by placing trash in the containers.
  4. Climbing the park maintenance fence for retrieval of discs is prohibited. (For disc retrieval contact LSPR's main office at 816.969.1500.)
  5. Use of alcohol in the park is prohibited by city ordinance.
  6. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the course and in all park areas by city ordinance.
  7. Lost and Found Discs: Contact the owner if identified on the found discs.
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