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Plan Framework Overview

The Plan Framework takes the vision, goals and objectives established by the Ignite! Strategic Plan and creates a long-term framework for strategic growth and change with policies and outcome measures to track progress and adapt if needed.

1. Preservation and Managing Growth and Change
...identifies specific areas across Lee's Summit where shaping the future is about green space preservation (i.e. parks/open space) or a three-pronged approach to change; Places to strengthen (i.e. Downtown), places to enhance (i.e. traditional suburban neighborhoods), and places to transform (i.e. declining strip retail centers and areas).

2. Definition of Character Areas, Land Uses and Activity Centers 
...builds on the construct of preservation and managing change for community benefit, as the foundation for creating the Land Use Plan as an essential requirement. At a high level, the plan organizes the City based on a range of traditional land use categories. Focusing on these categories with guiding input from the fiscal impact analysis, varying land use clusters throughout the community are then identified as larger character areas that form Activity Centers for future growth - or the areas where most of the future growth in Lee's Summit can be anticipated.

3. Establishing a Planning Framework 
...that builds on this character-based foundation by providing specific detailed goals and strategies for implementing the Guiding Principles and Design Principles to shape the City's future in ways that are targeted to enable preservation, strengthening, enhancement and transformation. Prioritizing neighborhood character, as the basis for determining land use guides more specific aspects of community development such site design, public realm, building form and massing, and quality architecture. It establishes the notions of land use and density as tools for achieving the right range and variety of character areas necessary to support community growth.


The vision, goals and values were developed during the Ignite! Strategic Plan process. To maintain alignment between both plans, these were used to frame the issues to be addressed, the desired outcomes and the approach.