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Development Guide

The Development Guide is a vision for future development and redevelopment in Lee's Summit and is a vital resource for developers and those interested in how, where and when development should occur. The guide contains detailed information about the physical development of the City including land use categories, development patterns, and design principles.

Preserve - Enhance - Strengthen - Transform

The overarching approach to land use falls within four categories of action to manage change. Icons are used throughout the land use framework to reinforce how specific actions support one or more of the high-level categories


PRESERVE Lee's Summit's high-value resources for enjoyment by future generations.

The purpose of the preserve approach is to provide a green and historic framework that defines the City's character and quality. Preserve is a set of strategies to protect and restore parks, open space, natural wooded areas, streams, lakes and rivers. Preserve also identifies values historic and cultural landmarks and resources. Carefully manage change to enhance the setting and protect the quality, access and management of these areas. Where feasible, the City should acquire environmentally sensitive lands and cultural sites and preserve and reuse historic buildings as an opportunity to enhance quality of life. The overall character of the land will not change from today in these areas.


Parks & Open Space
Natural Wooded Areas
Streams, Lakes & Rivers
Historic Places
Cultural Resources

Preserve Map


ENHANCE existing single-family neighborhoods with public infrastructure investment, connectivity improvements and flexibility to keep the character but meet changes in market demand over the next 20 years.

Enhance existing community strengths. Lee's Summit's single-family neighborhoods are the community's foundation. To continue to make them attractive and fit the needs of the future market, investment and flexibility is needed. The overall character of the single-family neighborhoods will not change. They will continue to be single-family but enhanced with public infrastructure investment, connectivity improvements and some flexibility to meet changes in market demands over the next 20 years.


Existing Residential Neighborhoods


Enhance Map


STRENGTHEN access, appearance, activity, connectivity and resiliency of community anchors and Downtown.

Strengthen our long-standing, most important community assets. These assets include community anchors and the heart of our community - our Downtown. We will implement strategies to improve access and make them more resilient into the future. The character of these areas will not change, they will be fortified to survive and thrive into the future.



Downtown Lee's Summit
Existing Commercial Nodes
Existing Neighborhood Centers
Lee's Summit Municipal Airport
Community Anchors
Civic Facilities
Emergency Service Facilities
Primary/Secondary Education Facilities

Strengthen Map


TRANSFORM and revitalize areas of the community using public improvements, incentives and community partnerships to make them more resilient and adaptive to future change.

Transform the character, use and density of prioritized undeveloped areas and areas targeted for revitalization. These are areas of the community with the greatest opportunity or need for attention and effort to be resilient into the future. Public improvements, private incentives and community effort will focus on areas for revitalization, transformation and new construction activity.



Activity Centers
Major Corridors
New Commercial Nodes
Lee's Summit Municipal Airport
Existing Strip Commercial
Community Anchors
New Neighborhood Centers
New Residential

Transform Map