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water utility maintenanceNew development in Lee’s Summit over the next decade - and future decades - will be focused on greenfield development and infill within areas considered already developed. While infill sites represent a relatively small percentage of the overall land in the City, they represent a range of opportunities to redevelop underutilized sites to better maximize existing infrastructure, services and amenities. Where possible, this Plan will guide redevelopment to ensure that it takes the form of walkable, mixed-use and mixed-income centers and neighborhoods that support the community’s vision and goals.

The land use goal for Lee’s Summit is to promote sustainable land use that meets the needs of the future, with an objective to plan for purposeful growth, revitalization, and redevelopment. A land-use framework to assist with defining future opportunities was developed as a guide for directing land use recommendations throughout the community. The framework seeks to maintain and preserve existing land uses, such as open space and neighborhoods, while proposing infill development or redevelopment for portions of the community with existing infrastructure and likelihood for growth.


Goal: Promote sustainable land use to meet the needs of the future.

Objective: Plan for purposeful growth, revitalization and redevelopment.

Objective: Protect the environment and meet the needs of the future.