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Future Land Use Plan

The Land Use Plan is bold and future-forward. Community participants armed with strategic foresight crafted the long-term vision for a more diverse development portfolio that is forward-thinking, focused on economic development, mindful of supporting infrastructure, focused on maintaining quality of life and aimed to be financially sustainable.

The Land Use Plan is a general guide for evaluating development proposals and decisions. The plan is a combination of a future land use map and a land use classification scheme. It suggests an ideal land use pattern but does not provide exact boundaries of specified uses. It is intended as a guide only to convey the relationships among recommended land use types and between land uses and public infrastructure.

The plan recognizes the existing land uses and other physical conditions at the time the plan was drafted, but it does not result in an automatic change of zoning, nor does it result in changes of existing uses until the owners or the developers of the properties decide to develop/redevelop. The general scheme of land use types allows increased flexibility while promoting conscious planning. The intent is to allow better integration of related and supportive uses based upon intensity of use through creative planning and design. This will also discourage the intentional creation of physical separation of uses that will result in increased automobile trips and decreased accessibility for pedestrians and uncertain sustainability.

The Future Land Use Map suggests desirable uses for the future when development occurs.


Breakdown of Future Land Use

The following chart provides an estimated land use distribution based on the future land use categories. It paints a picture of the anticipated build-out land use composition within the existing City limits as designated on the land use map.