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Activity Centers

Activity Centers will host most of the new development across Lee’s Summit over the next two decades. They will absorb most of the projected market demand and provide these sites with a new generation of walkable, mixed-use, development - accommodating most of the community’s anticipated new housing, jobs and retail. To achieve this vision, land uses within the Activity Centers should be characterized by their pedestrian-friendly nature. Therefore, auto-oriented uses - including those that typically require large amounts of parking - are discouraged (i.e., automobile dealerships, retirement communities, big-box retailers). 

Beyond the timespan of this plan, additional Activity Center locations may continue to emerge as the community grows. Sites for emerging Activity Centers should be monitored and included within future updates to the land use map, including the allocation of place types, supporting land uses and infrastructure improvements.

Downtown Activity Center

Downtown Lee’s Summit is the traditional core and heart of the community and is characterized by its many small, local businesses. Access to downtown is walkable to residents in nearby residential neighborhoods, with parking available to those that drive. Downtown will continue to serve as the center of Lee’s Summit with a mobility hub that serves multiple means of transportation. Additional housing options will increase the ability for additional residents to live and work Downtown, as well as increased patronage of local businesses, parks and events.

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New Longview Activity Center

The New Longview Activity Center includes a historic component with the Longview Farm and historic gateways to the community. Future development is characterized by previously approved plans for the site and includes a range of residential options, a large commercial component, educational and community amenities. The Activity Center is a unique asset to the community and has the potential to evolve and serve a larger regional role. A future mobility hub can connect New Longview to the remainder of the community and serve as the western hub for multi-modal connections.

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Summit Activity Center

The Summit Activity Center includes a range of commercial, industrial and residential options. Future development will introduce a range of residential densities that are walkable to nearby retail and open space opportunities. The Activity Center will continue to serve as a regional retail destination with the potential to serve as a community mobility hub, ensuring increased connectivity to all parts of Lee’s Summit, as well as Interstate 470 and Highway 50.


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Rock Island Urban Center within the
South Property Reserve, Inc.

The Rock Island Urban Center within the South Property Reserve, Inc. (PRI) has the highest density of the Activity Centers. With a focus on innovation and tech businesses, as well as a range of residential and commercial offerings, the Rock Island Urban Center will serve as a transit-oriented development and commuter hub with a focus on connectivity - including a direct connection to the Rock Island Trail. Fully developed, the Rock Island Urban Center will serve as a walkable and vibrant community center that can accommodate decades of future growth.

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Woods Chapel Activity Center within the
North Property Reserve, Inc.

The Woods Chapel Activity Center has an environmental focus, including connections to an abundance of parks and open space opportunities, including Lake Jacomo and Jackson County Parks and Recreation amenities. Development in the Activity Center will connect to these offerings, taking all mobility methods into consideration. Todd George Parkway serves as a scenic tree-lined boulevard that connects a range of mixed-use, residential, commercial and industrial offerings near the interstate and the airport.

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Priority Corridors

Priority Corridors are also identified as character areas. Whether they are a gateway to the community, a place to travel from one location to another, or a place where people live and work, they are defined by a certain character and connect people. 

  • Woods Chapel
  • Todd George Parkway
  • MO Highway 291 North
  • Chipman Road
  • Third Street
  • Highway 50 
  • Scherer Road
  • Scherer Parkway
  • MO Highway 150

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