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Status: Annual Program   |   Estimated Construction: 7/5/2021 - 10/5/2021   |  
Categories: Street and Storm Water Programs   |  

Mill & Overlay Program

Mill & Overlay Program

Project Description:Mill & Overlay work consists of removing (milling) the upper 2 inches of existing asphalt pavement and placing 2 inches of new surface pavement. Streets are selected each year based upon the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of the street. All of the streets qualifying for overlay are mapped to evaluate the location and grouping of streets. Staff attempts to group overlay streets by neighborhoods. This reduces the disruption to residents and simplifies the logistical operations for the paving contractor, resulting in the most efficient use of resources. Overlaying entire neighborhoods greatly streamlines the City's pavement management process, extends the life of the overlay, and reduces routine maintenance in the area.

Project Rationale:
The overlay program is performed annually to maintain asphalt streets. Timely application of the correct type of maintenance has been shown to significantly extend the life of a pavement, and reduce total construction expenses by eliminating the need for complete reconstruction of a street. The overlay program is designed to maintain streets with a medium Pavement Condition Index (PCI), not as a remedy to correct pavement needing reconstruction.

Current Project Status:
The 2021/22 Mill & Overlay program is currently under construction.  This program is funded by the ½-cent Road & Bridge (Transportation) Sales Tax annually, as part of the City's Pavement Management Program. For more information on the City's Mill & Overlay Program, please visit the Pavement Management Web Page. Typically, the annual Mill & Overlay Program construction takes place between June and September.

Project Contact:
Vince Schmoeger 816-969-1800

Projected Funding: $3,100,000.00

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