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Status: In Construction   |   Estimated Construction: 9/7/2021 - 1/3/2022   |  
Categories: Water Utilities-Water   |  

Water Main Cathodic Protection

Project Description:
Project Consists of installing cathodic protection in the form of sacrificial anodes on a portion of the water system which is showing signs of corrosion to slow the loss of the wall on the metallic water lines.

Project Rationale:
Watermain break data indicates that we are seeing wall degradation on lines installed as recently as 20 years ago. This is due to the type of materials and construction methods used at that time. This corrosive degradation is creating a potential for an increased main break rate in the near future and the need for a rapid expansion in main replacement. The use of cathodic protection is hoped to slow this corrosion and allow us to replace these mains at a more reasonable rate.

Current Project Status:
New construction project started in September 2021.

Project Contact:
Brian Byrd 816-969-1800

Projected Funding: $500,000