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Plowing & Treating of Primary and Secondary Roads Complete

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Crews have completed plowing and treating primary and secondary roadways as of late afternoon, Monday, Nov. 26 and have moved on to residential streets. Overnight temperatures are expected to dip into the teens which will cause wet roadways to become slick. Please use care navigating streets and bridges. City crews will be working overnight and will respond to slick areas as needed. It is expected that all roadways will be plowed by 2 a.m. Wednesday, Nov....

Crews Continue to Plow and Treat Streets Today, Mon. Nov. 26

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Crews will continue to plow and treat roadways today. Currently, all trucks are plowing secondary streets, then will move into residential streets. Daytime high temperatures will remain below freezing today and Tuesday which will limit the effectiveness of deicing materials applied to the roadways. However, today’s sunshine will help bring the pavement temperatures up and begin melting the snow packed on the roads.   Wind hampered efforts last night...

City Crews Continue to Plow & Treat Roadways Sunday, Nov. 25 & Into Monday, Nov. 26

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Crews will continue to plow and treat roadways throughout the night and into the morning, Monday, Nov. 26. Heavy snow has covered the roadways and high winds are making it difficult to keep streets clear. This will remain an issue throughout the evening. Once the snow ends it will take between 32 ½ and 48 hours to complete plowing and treating. Primary and secondary roadways take 12 hours to complete with crews finishing those roadways during the middle of...

City Crews Preparing for a Predicted Winter Storm Sunday, Nov. 24

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City crews are preparing for a predicted winter storm tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 24. Crews are scheduled to report at 7 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 24 to begin treating and plowing roadways and will continue into the evening as necessary. Rain is expected in the early morning hours, with patchy, blowing snow in the afternoon. New snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches is possible. Cold temperatures and windy conditions could require a Level 5 snow control response. This would...

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