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Lee's Summit Police Department

Welcome to the Lee's Summit Police Department

Members of the Lee's Summit Police Department are guided in their actions by the department's Mission Statement, Values Statement and Motto.

Mission Statement

To provide excellence in police services to the community by safeguarding life and property, in an effort to reduce the incidence and fear of crime. We will promote public safety through enforcing the law in a fair and impartial manner by protecting constitutional guarantees.

We are committed to building partnerships which allow a unified response to issues arising within our community. We promise to conduct ourselves with pride, unity, honor and commitment; thereby, ensuring the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence.

Values Statement

As a Police Department, we honor the values of Pride, Honor, Unity and Commitment.

Pride -- Satisfaction in knowing we stand for the moral virtues of honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, commitment, and incorruptibility which is the standard for our department.

Unity -- Working together with the community by encouraging open communication and active participation to achieve our mission.

Honor -- Acting with integrity, regardless of the cost; defined by our courage, commitment, respect and self-sacrifice.

Commitment -- Our commitment is action based on trust; binding oneself to a goal to transform a promise into reality.


The Lee's Summit Police Department's motto is "Committed to Excellence".  

Police Department News

  • LSPD 2020 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

    LSPD 2020 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

    The Lee’s Summit Police Department needs your help! We pride ourselves on staying in touch with our community; we know that we are more effective when we are connected with the citizens we serve. Every three years, the LSPD publishes a short survey to help us find ways to improve our services. Can you help us out by completing a short survey about our services and your feelings of safety in this community? The survey is estimated to take less than five minutes...

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  • Police Department Practices

    Police Department Practices

    As part of the national conversation taking place regarding police practices, the LSPD has received numerous inquiries about our policies, training, equipment, transparency and accountability. As community partners, we value the relationship and trust that we have built together in our community and we believe that dialogue and understanding are important so we have created an FAQ that answers the most commonly asked questions. Learn more ---->

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  • Online Reporting Now Available

    Online Reporting Now Available

    With the recent developments and changes brought on by the COVID-19 virus, the LSPD is working to make it easier for residents to make police reports on non-emergency events.  Our new online report system is very basic but we hope it is just another way for you to connect with us for services.  For non-emergency reports for crimes that occurred in our jurisdiction, you can follow the link below; you will get a response from a PD staff member during the...

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