Bond Funded Network Improvements

Fiber between City Hall and Police Department has been updated to include snowshoes to reduce the risk of damage from heavy ice or snow. The fiber has been spliced to go directly from City Hall to Police Department without having to go through the old Water Operations building on Douglas. The fiber has been spliced so the fiber to traffic signals now comes from Police Department instead of from old Water Operations building. This effort eliminated the dependency on the old Water Operations building for the fiber run from City Hall to Police Department.

Airport and Fire Station 4 point to point wireless replacements are Complete.

Fiber has been installed to Gamber Center using shared fiber from Public Works.

Fire Station 5 point to point equipment has been installed and is operational.  This allowed for the reduction of the School District fiber.  This will allow the city to reduce the R-7 fiber lease by $13,432.50 per year.

Plan is to have the New Fire Station 3 project cover the $62K costs for the fiber install for Fire Station 3. This will reduce the cost of the R-7 fiber lease by $9,877.50 per year. This return on investment would start seeing savings for the city in 7 years after the install.

Plans are in place to share fiber costs with PW Traffic for fiber run to Station 6 and/or fiber run to Station 7. This shared approach will allow for PW Traffic signals to utilize the same fiber runs as the city facility fiber runs. Additional conversation with KC Scout for potential use of their dark fiber to save costs on fiber runs to New Water Building and Fire Station 2.

Updated Schedule

Image showing current status of ITS Network Improvement projects.


Network BackBone Plan

Network Priorities Map