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Quality of Life

Cultural and Recreational Amenities

Create a community that celebrates, welcomes, and supports cultural and recreation amenities.

Parks, recreation, historical, and cultural resources are critical to achieving the finest quality of life and a safe, fun, and healthy environment. To maintain a high quality of life for our residents, we must continue to invest in exceptional services and amenities to ensure the finest quality of life for all generations.

Share your ideas about what historic resources should be preserved and what recreational services, amenities, and cultural resources are needed to maintain a high quality of life into the year 2040.

Community Health and Well-Being

Support a healthy, happy community by improving healthy lifestyle choices and opportunities.

Healthy communities enable all people to live the healthiest life possible. Lee’s Summit offers access to healthy food, quality schools, stable housing, good jobs with fair pay, and safe places to exercise and play. Lee’s Summit has a unique spirit of community and culture of caring. Physical and mental health and safety for all are a priority.

Share your ideas about how to continue to build a safe, healthy community for all.

Collaborative Relations With Education Partners

Enhance and plan for educational opportunities to support economic development

Lee's Summit community is collaborating with the educational partners to create positive lifelong learning environments that benefit the community as a whole. The focus is on preparing people with the skills and mindsets to thrive and contribute to the community. Families, community groups, businesses, the City, and the educational institutions work together to support lifelong learning, help people achieve more, and strengthen our workforce economic development potential.

Share your ideas for strengthening lifelong learning environments to benefit the entire community.


Quality of Life Snapshot | May 2020

 Quality of Life Snapshot Document