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Conversation Kits

Share Your Ideas to Help Shape the Future of Lee's Summit!

We've got the cure for panboredom! Gather the people in your bubble or organize a Zoom get together to help shape our community. Lee’s Summit is counting on you and your friends to fuel our future! And, we have a fun and interactive way for you to engage in the Ignite Comprehensive Plan process. Download a Conversation Kit and get started!

There are three activities included in the Conversation Kit to help ignite your discussion, each of which has simple instructions.

Role Play!

With the Generation and Labor Profile activities, use the character descriptions to explore the needs of our community from a different perspective than your own – think about your grandma, son, neighbor or co-worker.

Use the Generation Profiles to discuss what Lee’s Summit needs to attract and retain all generations to our community and how each generation’s needs will change from today to 2040 and beyond.

Use the Labor Profiles to discuss our community needs from today to 2040 and beyond, but from the vantage point of different employees that live and/or work in Lee’s Summit.

Some conversation starters:

  • What kind of housing will be needed?
  • How will technology play a role in our everyday lives?
  • What transportation options should be made available?
  • What City services should be expanded or improved to meet our future needs?

Map it!

Once you’ve had some time to discuss these topics, help us identify locations throughout our community that we want to preserve, enhance, strengthen or transform to achieve our vision and meet the needs of Lee’s Summit residents in 2040 and beyond.

It's Easy to Get Started!

  • Set up a time for your small group to meet - if you meet in person, please remember to practice social distancing!
  • Download the Conversation Kit materials.
  • Print out the materials, which include the sign-in sheet, instructions and activity worksheets.
  • Have everyone complete the sign-in sheet so we know who we’re hearing from. 

Ignite the Conversation!

  • Select someone to read the instructions to the group.
  • Assign the profile roles to the various members of your group.

Record Your Great Ideas!

  • If you have printed the material, use a pen and/or permanent marker to document your discussion directly on the worksheets.
  • You can also choose to record your thoughts digitally using the comment and/or drawing tools available in software like Adobe Acrobat.

Submit and Share!

  • If you’ve completed the activities on printed worksheets, please return them to any of our three Conversation Kit drop box locations: City Hall, Longview Community Center and the J. Thomas Lovell Jr. Community Center at Legacy Park.
  • If you’ve completed the activities digitally, please email to FuelOurFuture@cityofLS.net.
  • Don’t forget to include your group sign-in sheet!
  • Take a picture of your group in action and share on social media so your friends can participate with their small groups too! Use the hashtag #WeIgniteLS.

We appreciate your participation and can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Download the Conversation Kit

  • Activities are in 11"x17" format but can be printed to 'fit' from home printers.
  • Complete the sign-in sheet with all participant information to help us track our engagement throughout the community.
  • Return completed materials.
  • Share a picture of your group on social media #WeIgniteLS

 Generation Profiles Activity

 Labor Profiles Activity

 Community Asset Map Activity

 Sign-in Sheet

If you haven't already, please have your group take the following surveys. You can print the surveys or respond online.

 Community Vision Survey - Print Version
 Online Version

 Quality of Life Survey - Print Version
 Online Version

How to Use the Conversation Kit