Lee's Summit, Missouri Municipal Building Authority, Inc.

This Corporation is organized exclusively for civic, cultural, charitable, scientific, and educational purposes as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, to construct, lease, maintain and operate office building projects to serve the general Lee’s Summit, Missouri area.
  • To expand community services, as the need, desire, and feasibility arises, to include, among other projects, the acquisition, construction and maintenance of other buildings and facilities, acquire and maintain equipment, all to serve the needs of residents of Lee’s Summit, Missouri.
  • To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, to construct, improve, expand, maintain, repair, remodel, renovate or finance land, sites, buildings, facilities, furnishings and equipment for the use of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, to provide services and facilities of every type, class or description.
  • To receive and collect all income, revenues and receipts from the Corporation’s operation of its facilities and use of its equipment,
  • The Board of Directors is authorized to approve the execution of agreements for the benefit of holders of such evidences of indebtedness pledging and irrevocably appropriating such income, revenues and receipts for the aforesaid purposes in such manner as the Board of Directors shall determine.

Dr. Janice M. Cade
Carl Chinnery
Brad Cox
David Gale
Robert "Bud" Hertzog
Thomas Jackson
Machelle Riffe
Bob Gourley

Department Liaison
Development Services