Human Services Advisory Board

Human and Social Services Directory cover image Several Key Performance Areas (KPA's) emerged from the strategic planning process, one being Health and Human Services.  Specific goals and objectives were developed for each KPA.  One of those goals was to establish a permanent Human Services Advisory Board made up of representatives from the community to develop strategies to address the community's human services needs.  The Human Services Advisory Board was formed in December, by Ordinance 7002 as part of the LS360⁰ strategic planning process.

  • The Board shall consist of fourteen (14) members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.  The members shall be interested citizens and/or representatives of governmental entities, not-for-profit organizations, service agencies, organizational alliances, or other groups whose mission and purpose is to meet the many human service needs of the residents of Lee's Summit.  A member of the City's Health Education Advisory Board shall serve as an ex-officio member for the purpose of reporting and sharing information between the two boards about the respective activities of each.  The ex officio member shall have no voting rights.
  • Members shall serve for four-year terms, which shall be staggered and shall serve without compensation.  Members shall elect a Chairperson annually following the appointments to the Board.


  • Identify and assess the human service needs of the community; educate and advise the City Council, public, and appropriate not-for-profit and government agencies about the human service needs of the community; develop plans, coordinate efforts, and provide support to these agencies in addressing the needs of the community; and evaluate the effectiveness of these efforts in addressing the human service needs of the community.

Michael Straughn
Rachel Segobia
Karen Traxel
Matthew Silvers
Matt Sanning
Jacqueline Griffin
Rexanne Hill
Sue Jackson
Nicole Davis
Cotton Sivils
Monte Stull
Steve Salanski - non-voting member

Department Liaison