Historic Preservation Commission

The mayor, with the consent and approval of the majority of the members of the City Council, shall have the power to appoint seven (7) members. In addition, two ex officio non-voting members may also be appointed but shall not be counted or otherwise included in determining a quorum. One such non-voting member may be selected from the City Council by the mayor pro-tem and one may be selected from the Planning Commission by its chair.  Member appointments shall be for terms of four (4) years. A member may serve consecutive terms. Ex officio members shall serve at the discretion of the mayor pro-tem and Planning Commission chair, respectively.

Members shall be residents of the City or business or property owners within the City and must continue to reside or be business or property owners in the City so long as they serve on the Preservation Commission. All members should have demonstrated an interest and knowledge of local history, architecture or preservation. No more than two (2) members of the Preservation Commission shall be nonresidents. In addition, every effort should be made to appoint members with the following additional qualifications:

  • Architect with professional experience in historic preservation and building rehabilitation, restoration and stabilization;
  • Archeologist;
  • Licensed building contractor with historic building experience;
  • Licensed real estate development professional;
  • Historian or history instructor;
  • Lee’s Summit Historical Society member;
  • Homeowner residing in an eligible or existing landmark or local historic district or national register district;
  • Business owner or merchant leasing a commercial property located in an eligible or existing landmark or local historic district or national register district.


The Preservation Commission shall act in an advisory capacity to the City Council and Planning Commission in carrying out activities required by City ordinances relating to the administration of Division III, Article 18 of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and shall have the following powers and duties:

  • to increase public awareness of the value of historic, architectural and cultural preservation by developing and participating in public information programs and by updating the preservation program;
  • to recommend a single property for proposed designation as a Landmark and two or more properties as a Historic District and to review and comment on proposed designations;
  • to review applications for construction, alteration, or reconstruction for a Landmark and/or properties located within a Historic District;
  • to review proposed changes to buildings, structures, street furniture, city parks, civic areas, public facilities or environmental features of a landmark or properties located within a historic district;
  • to review applications for demolition permits to demolish buildings or structures within a historic district;
  • to review applications for special use permits, proposed zoning amendments, or applications for zoning variances for properties designated as a Landmark or a Historic District, and to make recommendations concerning such requests to the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Adjustments;
  • may initiate, from time to time, a comprehensive review of the provisions of Article 18 of the UDO or any part thereof;
  • to disseminate information concerning the preservation of landmarks or properties located within historic districts to the general public;
  • may support the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places of local historic landmarks and local historic districts that the Preservation Commission members believe meet the standards set forth by the National Park Service and have contributed to the history, architecture and culture of the City; and
  • upon establishment of a not-for-profit organization or 501.c.3, may acquire by purchase, gift, or bequest, fee title or lesser interest, including preservation restriction or easements, in designated properties and adjacent or associated lands which are important for the preservation and use of the designated properties.

Established pursuant to Ordinance No. 3137 in April of 1988 and amended in 2008.  

Kathy Smith, Chairperson
Michel Seignette de Kerobert, Vice Chair
Martin Owens
Gary Keshner
Steve Parker
Douglas Horn
James Conover
Planning Commission Liaison: Donnie Funk
City Council Liaison: Hillary Shields

Department Liaison
Development Services