Health Education Advisory Board

The Health Education Advisory Board (HEAB) was created on June 21, 2001, by Resolution 01-14, as one of the Key Performance Areas identified in the 1999 update of the Lee's Summit 21st Century Strategic Plan.  The board is comprised of 12-volunteer members serving three-year terms, appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of a majority of the City Council.


The role of the board is to assess health issues in the community, educate the public and appropriate government agencies about identified needs, develop plans to address health issues, and evaluate the effectiveness of said efforts.

Chairperson Dr. Ed Kraemer
Chairperson Dr. Steve Salanski
Cheryl Orr
Dr. Doug Herriott
Monica Meeks
Rhonda Canning
Tammy Landrum
Rodney McBride 
Karna Stuchlik
Merle Nunemaker

City Council Liaison: Mia Prier

Department Liaison