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Utilities >> Information Resources >> Water Master Plan
Wate Water Master Plan

Water Master Plan 

October 2006 (Current Version)


The Water Master Plan provides an evaluation of the existing water infrastructure for Lee's Summit and makes recommendations for water supply and distribution system improvements required to meet existing service needs and future service needs for the next ten years.  The current Water Master Plan was submitted on October 24, 2006.


View or download the full version of the Water Master Plan here:

Water Master Plan (.pdf 11.9MB)


To view or download a particular section, click on the headings below.

Cover Page

Table of Contents 

          Executive Summary
          Existing System
          Study Area
          Planning Criteria
                    Population Projections
                    Water Usage
                    Water Supply
          Hydraulic Model
                    Model Calibration
                    Distribution of Existing Demands
                    Distribution of Proposed Demands

List of Tables
          Table 1 - Opinion of Probable Costs Next 10 years
          Table 2 - Existing Supply Facilities
          Table 3 - Existing Storage Facilities
          Table 4 - Existing Pumping Facilities
          Table 5 - Population and Water Demands (MGD)
          Table 6 - Fire Flow Criteria
          Table 7 - Capacity of the Jackson-Cass Transmission System
          Table 8 - Projected Water Supply Capacity
          Table 9 - Proposed Projects
          Table 10 - Recommended Typical Schedule for Water System Projects (Months)

List of Figures
          Figure 1 - Existing System Schematic
          Figure 2 - Study Area
          Figure 3 - Water District 14 Land Use
          Figure 4 - Historical and Projected Maximum Day Demands
          Figure 5 - Jackson-Cass Transmission System
          Figure 6 - Projected Demand and Supply (MGD)
          Figure 7 - Proposed Improvements 2016
          Figure 8 -  Proposed Improvements Ultimate Buildout

          Appendix A - Abbreviations
          Appendix B - Model Calibration
          Appendix C - Recommended Improvements Map Ultimate System
          Appendix D - Compact Disc