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Utilities >> Financial Information >> Operating Budget
Water Operating Budget

The Water Utilities Department is composed of three divisions: Adminstration, Account Services and Operations Divisions. With a operating budget of $24.7 million and 58 full time employees, the department is responsible for providing water supply and waste water service for over 34,000 customer accounts.


Lee's Summit has entered into a cooperative agreement with Kansas City to increase the water supply by an additional 6 MGD.  The project is called "Phase III of the Jackson - Cass Transmission line" and it is anticipated to be completed by 2011. 


The City of Lees Summit and Little Blue Valley Sewer District have developed a contractual agreement for ongoing treatment and pumping within the Little Blue Valley drainage basin to accommodate existing and future customers within Lee's Summit. In order to maximize capacity of the sanitary sewer system, Water Utilities continues to focus on Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) reduction programs.

The Operations Division continues to direct more attention toward existing assets and the preventative maintenance requirements of the system. In FY07-08 the equipment replacement fund was expanded to include water tank re-coating to maximize the life of the utility’s water storage facilities. This program ensures that funds are annually accumulated for the replacement of critical pumping equipment and power generators for both the water and wastewater functions similar to the VERP, MERP and BERP.