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816 969-1900
Utilities >> Customer Service >> Service Requests

Service Requests

New Customers

New Service  -  To establish water service, please call (816) 969-1900.  (A service activation charge will be applied to your first bill.)


Existing Customers

Discontinue Service  -  To have service discontinued, please call (816) 969-1900.

Meter Leak Check  -  If you suspect you have a leak somewhere in your private water system, call (816) 969-1900.  A Service Tech will check your water meter for an indication of a leak and inform you of the results.

Pressure Test  -  If you are experiencing pressure problems (high or low), please check for a pressure reducing valve (PRV) installed on your private water system.  Most PRV's are installed just after the main shutoff valve inside your home or business.  If you do have a PRV, check that it is set correctly for the pressure you desire or required by any appliance(s) in your home or business.  If you continue to have pressure problems or do not have a PRV, call (816) 969-1900.